Sprint 3 Retrospective



This was about filtering the data for the report.


We were able to get sample data from the other teams as a JSON object and used fake data to download report as csv.


Created a docker container registry and implemented it on gitlab.


Edited backend code so it takes a date and retrieves data based on that date.


Created the backend endpoints to receive the start and end dates from frontend.

The thing that worked well was that we got the system to actually run and get messages from rabbit mq which gets saved in the database to be used to pull the report. We were also able to connect it to the frontend and get a wsu style theme for the website. I think there was a lot that worked well considering this was our last sprint and we could not rely on another sprint add more work.

Some things that did not work well in this sprint was that we did not have as good of time management because there was so many projects for each class so we had to find chunks of the day to work when we can. However, I think our group gets a lot done under pressure and is able to complete a lot more in a few hours nearing the deadline as opposed to those same hours with free time. If we had more time to space things and did not have to worry about many other cs classes, then it would be much easier to focus on making the website as efficient as possible.

A few changes that we could make for future sprints as a team was to keep our eyes on the main goals of the sprint and not on small details. I feel like we were stressing on small aspects of the project when the big important features would have been just better to work on. We were struggling taking so much time to work with docker and get some of its aspects to work, and this took a way from upgrading and making the backend and frontend more efficient. I think next time we would spent as much time from the beginning to get the website up and running and having all the functions work properly for a user, then focus on the small details that won’ t take as much time to figure out in comparison to the bigger parts.

A few changes I could make as an individual is to find a balance with working on my team and working on my own. I feel that I was either working with the team too much or my own most of the time. I think in future it would be a lot more clear what our goals were and what to work on as the sprint went, but for this a lot of the task were things we could work on together and help each other out. I think even with all the factors we were still able to produce efficient work.

Overall, I think this sprint went very well and we got a lot accomplished. In the last week of the sprint we were panicking because of how much other projects we had to from 4 other cs classes and 5 including this class. However, we put our focus 100% on accomplishing everything and looking back we got more than enough done. It was very helpful to work in a team where we would help each other out and make brainstorming and planning a lot more easier. I think this sprint and this class in general will help us out in our future endeavors especially in the work field. A lot of the planning is what helped us out and our website was able to run which was very helpful for us to know that we did it. I’ll appreciate everything that I learned these past 4 years and from every professor and good luck to everyone on their future goals.

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